Monday, September 29, 2008

Urban Entertainment with 2 Flyy (Kid n Fresh)

What's up fam,
It's your girl Samore. Sorry about the late delay with the update but you probably seen the debates by now right? Obama shut McCain down....I mean and still McCain could not look at the possible first African American president come November 4th you know. But before we get into that I gotta touch on your boyz 2 Flyy House of Fyre Entertainment came through to the studio. You love the Time to Move record so you know I had to get your boys on the show right. If you missed the interview, you can check it out right now.

Kid n Fresh (2 Flyy) on the myspace:

Check out the exclusive interview with your boys in the studio with your girl Samore:

In Urban Entertainment, Ciara does the cover of the new VIBE magazine naked right but when she sees the final product she says she doesn't like it and it wasn't suppose to look like that I mean girl you naked how else it's suppose to look...Then, the judge orders TI to pay his baby mama 1000 more dollars which would be $3,000 a month and the chick isn't satisfied enough she wants 1000 more, while TI already plays the kids medical bills, bills for the school tuition, and extracurricular activities fees...She says it's not fair that they live one way with her and another way with their dad..but girl get a job....I think she just want TI to be with her...But anyway, Tyler Perry is seeking new talent with the launch of 34th Street Films a production arm of Tyler Perry Studios that would focus on recruiting outside filmmakers to work under and expand the Perry brand....basically it's to make Tyler Perry Films more diverse as you seen the first step with The Family that Preys...which was major for TP...I hope you all went to see the movie and not bootlegged it cuz if I found out I'm reporting you....Moving Along, your girl Omarosa is still riding her 15 minutes of fame or whatever you wanna call it....She's releasing another book...The Bitch Switch how to turn it on and off...Hot Mess right? Would it be worth buying? Hell No...Next....Kanye West is moving the next album release date up "808 & Heartbreaks" from Dec 16to Nov something...I guess he wanna do the whole 50 cent battle again because if you don't remember Graduration beat Curtis the first day/week...Speaking of West, he's teaming up Comedy Central for a new half hour pilot that mixes music with puppets something like the Muppet Show, supposed to be called Alligator Boots the producers of the show is also behind that crazy show "Crank Yankers". Janet Jackson left Island Records and supported her man at his 36th birthday party...Ludacris poolhouse burned down, and no it was not an ex girlfriend or no Left Eye/Andre Rison situation...then Mariah Carey her new movie "Tennessee" is suppose to be a good one, she's playing a Harlem social worker with an overweight, HIV positive woman imprgnated twice by her father...the role is suppose to follow her part as the battered wife of a state trooper in Tennessee...And she is also developing a movie musical based on her popular 1994 holdiay album "Merry Christmas" I gotta go back and check out that album because that should be interesting "interesting"...Also congrats to babyface on his new arrival with his new girlfriend a baby girl, Prince is 50 single, stays alone in a nine bedroom home 30,000 sq ft home, and celibate, Mariah suppose to annouced that she's pregnant on Oprah but cancels, these stories and more this week on Urban Entertainment.

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Urban Politics

Debate 1: Obama vs McCain

winner: Obama

This debate is proof positive on how much Obama cares for the reg/average person who makes less than 250k, and how now matter how McCain might have tried to twist his words and make Obama seem like he lied or whatever. Obama came back with a hold up, "this needs to be discussed" or "I don't where John is getting this from" This is the first debate and Obama really held his stance. Don't worry I will post the debate videos on the blog stay tuned.....

Obama or Die ....Last day to Registerd to Vote is Monday Oct 6th

Early Voting Begins Oct 20 to Nov 2nd Encouraged to avoid lines on Nov 4th

I wonder if Obama doesn't mind Chris Brown representing...because you know they say he's doesn't care for some celebrities to be rocking Obama shirts to connect him with their movement...But Chris Brown songs are cool they don't degrade women and that way....Chris Brown run for got it, brutha

Alicia Keys in Vanity Fair

but not in Spike Lee's remake of School Daze 25 years later, she would have been paired up with Kanye West....and no it's not because of the rumor that's been going on with her and Swiss Beatz which is NOT TRUE..but it's because Spike Lee couldn't find any funding for the movie.

Ciara's Naked on the new Vibe Cover

I mean she does have on shoes...comments from the dudes, hit me up.

Keyshia Cole and Dude...

Last week, we see Eve with her new man who's white, and now Keyshia is tasting the vanille flavor...

Mariah Carey-Cannon and Nick Cannon might be a daddy? for real?

While Nick Cannon is sending a message to you haters with his shirt, Mariah is really suppose to be pregnant and suppose to reveal it on the Oprah show...but cancelled...

Janet Jackson and Jermanie Dupri

In the VIP celebrating JD's 36th B-day...Is that a ring I see on Janet figure?

Roland addition to the Tom Joyner Show

New political anaylist for the Tom Joyner Morning Show

Omarasa's New Book...The Bitch Switch

How to turn it off and on, wow all these people coming out with books really I think your girl needs to release a book, "Keep It Urban" coming Ya Girl Samore, can ya digg that?

Yung Berg doesn't have this chain anymore, but does it care?

I don't think so because he says it's just jewelry and he has plenty of chains, and what happened in Detriot let him know that they inspire to be like him and that's what he's here to do...very big of him...he just turned 23 years old, happy belated b day yung berg

Halle Berry and Baby Nahla

She is such a cutie pie, that baby, isn't she?

Halle on the go, where's baby Nahla at?

Congratulations to Babyface and Girlfriend they just had little babygirl...

That's right girl you carry that baby for 9 months make him carry the carrier...and Babyface don't look like he's complaining...he's a good man. Anybody can be a daddy but it takes a real man to be a father, fellas remember that one.

Is J-Lo back with Benny Medina?

management, I mean something is up with Benny, Tyra Banks fired him, Usher fired him, somebody else fired him too....I thought J Lo fired him too? I don't know what's up with Benny seem like something is shady with dude, comments....

Urban Music:

Pleasure P's New One "Did You Wrong"

Nelly's Brass Knuckles in stores now

Ne-Yo's Year of the Gentleman in stores now

Barack Obama's Yes We Can album with various artist Coming Soon

Urban Entertainment presents T Plezya RnB Vs Hip Hop Coming Soon

The RnB and Hip Hop Game is about to Change....

Urban Entertainment's R&B vs Hip Hop Summer Heat pt 2 Volume 5: Highly Anticipated Coming Soon

Urban Entertainment's R&B vs Hip Hop Vol 6 "Put On" Edition for spots get at me now serious artists/management only

Well that's it for now, stay tuned for more...Remember Obama or Die!

If you don't stand for something then you would surely fall for anything, until next time be good and keep it so urban

Ya Girl Samore aka DJ Mo Urban keepin it so urban, ya digg

Sunday, September 21, 2008

MO Urban Ent: Sexy Nelly, Mel B and Husband right? and more...

How can I forget about Sexy Nelly: Sean Jean new underwear model

Brass Knuckles in stores now...this should be a good enought reason to get it right? besides the music right?

Mel B and boo Stephan Belfante

She say she won't be having any more kids no time soon...but you must say she did upgrade from Eddie Murphy...

Future Possible 1st Lady Michelle Obama on Ellen Part 1:

Part 2: Michelle Obama on Ellen

Hater Alert: Homegirl from the view Elizabeth H. Hater Alert Check this out

Eric Benet with Daughter Singing his single "Only One":

His Daughter can sing and looks just like check out the video

Don't forget to watch ya boyz and vote on Thursdays MTV Top Pop Group at 10pm est, they have been doing their thing.


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Be Good and Keep it so urban

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Saturday, September 20, 2008

Urban Ent & Obama or Die Update

What's up people,

It's your girl Samore gotta it's been a minute just been busy trying to get this paper more like getting this paper, ya digg.
Anyway since the phone line is down at the radio station now live phone interviews are on hold for a minute...but next week working on Murphy Lee and possibly Nelly as well for an interview live in studio for show going down at Revolutions Live in Ft. Lauderdale...speaking of Nelly make sure you cop Brass Knuckles in stores now, Also working on getting Creepa and Shotta from the show G's to Gents that will be a very interesting interview so I don't think you want to miss that big things going down with urban entertainment on fau owlradio....Reewine College Radio we doing major major things the live show is still going down Fridays at 5pm est, but two days will be added Mondays at 6pm and Tuesdays at 7pm est. Make sure you tune in to the Reewine College Radio online at . Urban Ent Radio...the radio station coming soon. Making moves...Big things poppin.

Now what's been happening in Urban Entertainment:
Two new memoirs books Serena Williams and Diana Carroll coming out, Serena is going to be talking about life on and off the tennis court and well Diana Carroll is talking about her on and off relationship if that's what you want to call it with my cousin Sidney Portier, now before you go there he really is my cousin he's my mother's father's cousin 1st cousin...they actually look alike, okay well they had a thing right. She writes about how Sidney told her to leave her husband and he will leave his wife and they would be together but after she left her husband he didn't leave his wife then he told her he was leaving his wife and be with Carroll brought her a ring and 10 room home to decorate then turn around and went back to his that's all over she said they are still friends and Sidney has no comment on the book...Okay...anyway, moving along; Lil Wayne's The Nino Brown Story is in stores this Tuesday Sept 23rd....Jeff Johnson and Stephaine Robinson replace Tavis on the Tom Joyner Morning show as political/entertainment commentators, so congratulations to the both of them both speak the truth and I am glad they chose a female and a male....okay moving along; We know Terrence Howard has a thing for white females right now I hear Jamie Foxx has a thing for white chicks, he was in Vegas trying to holla at nothing but white chicks and they weren't paying him any attention....But no worries about J. Foxx because I hear he doesn't discriminate he must was looking for a chick to do a particular thing because you know us black chicks won't do with them white chicks will do and I'm leave that just like that and move on to the next subject...Jay Z brought Beyonce at $5 million dollar ring that's luv right there, and Rachel Roy was excorted by her brother at an event while Damon Dash must have stayed home wishing his baby mama would return their son who he has legal custody over....And Denzel Washington love the kids not only is he the national spolesperson for the Boys and Girls Club, he lent his 2nd grade photo for its advertising campaign "BE GREAT"....that about wraps up some of the highlights in Urban Ent last week....more to come....also the nominees were chosen for the Hip Hop Awards 08 which will air Oct 23rd, hip hop month, on BET; of course Lil Wayne leads the pack with 9, Kanye is holding down 7, and with all the drama TI has been through he still got 3, and Russell Simmions will be getting the I AM HIP HOP Honoree for the evening...more urban ent coming up next week so tune in

Thursdays 2 to 4pm est live on FAU Owl Radio: and on the boca raton campus

Fridays 5 to 8pm est live on Reewine College Radio:
A moment in politics we call Obama or Die GET YOUR A$$ REGISTERED AND VOTE NOV 4TH
Well I can't tell you who to vote for I can only sugguest and its up to you to get registered if you aren't already and vote november 4th the best canadiate you think will do what's right for america...Change vs 4 more years of the same thing is really what it comes down to. Because of course you can say Sarah P has a terrible past a daughter who stole a chick's boyfriend and got pregnant at 17 years old and a son that's on drugs..She's not clean her self...Then you got too old ready for the grave Mc Cain says that we are still doing good the economy is not that bad...the hell it is milk at 3 or 4 dollars, gas at 4 or 5 dollars a gallon, can't get a loan from the bank cuz the banks are going under...what america is he looking at..But hey when it comes down to it the most important thing is to vote Vote VOte VOTe VOTE VOTE get your a$$ up and vote Nov comes down to it do you want CHANGE vs 4 MORE YEARS of the same thing ....I'm say one last thing, eveybody say obama's so cool, Obama says "The reason I"m so calm is I have convidence in the American people".....

Registered to vote most places the last day is OCT 6th check with your county and see when is your last day to register to vote because seriously if you aren't registered to vote then you need to do it asap or call 1-866-MYVOTE-1. And after that worry about NOV 4th making your vote count...History in the making...

Obama - Biden

New Commentators for the Tom Joyner Morning Show

Jeff Johnson & Stephaine Robinson

Tyler Perry's The Family that Preys: In Theaters Now

Academy Award Winning potential...when I say Tyler stepped it up for this movie. It really touches on a lot of things...Check out the previous blog for the full review

Comments/Reviews/Your Thoughts or Opinions about the movie and i'll post them on the blog.

Out at one of Trey's football games...

Will Smith and Jada either switch hats that day or Jada just has that in check like that rocking the Mrs. Smith hat...either way they both still gotta a lot of love for each other...Black Love is so beautiful, don't you agree?

Usher and Usher V (Cinco) but that doesn't look like Temeka....
Usher is a proud father, Cinco is getting big now, and now Temeka got another in the oven...but i know she's not too far away from Usher becasue you know she don't like no other females close to her Raymond men....

Natalie Cole had a setback with her treatment for hepatitis C...

She should be home to LA in a couple of days and with this setback postponing her October performances but still plan on releasing her album...more on this next week on the show

Diana Carroll's New Book...

73 years old still look good...interesting book but is it worth buying, worth a good read in the Barnes Nobel store....

Diddy watch your step...

Somebody about to get fired...

In stores now: Ne Yo's Year of the Gentleman

Got the album: tell Ne-Yo what you think of it

Let me not forget about our boy R.Kelly....did you catch your boy on BET News the 1st interview since the aquittal...Did he not learn? Check out a clip here:

Did he not learn...He still saying he like teenage girls I don't care 19 or what every say 21 or whatever, but Kells is still a musical genuis and I say hey whatever goes on in his personal life that's his business and I'll still will play his music and support his music...I'm still waiting on the rest of the Trapped in the closet chapters but he might just make a movie out of it...

The Lil Wayne "The Nino Brown Story" trailer

Strictly for the lil wayne fans...out Sept 23rd in the stores...

Oh and one more thing....get off my sista Alicia Keys. She had nothing to do with Swiss Beats and Mashonda break up don't care what you hear...Swiss Beats says it's not true, she said it's not true that they aren't together...Just Friends or whatever, I mean haters gotta have something to talk about right...

Alright that's about it for now....until next time be good and keep it so urban

Tune in to Urban Entertainment rather you are on the fau boca raton campus or on the internet check your girl out Thursdays 2pm est, 11am pst and on Reewine College Radio Send your feedback to

If you don't stand for something you would fall for anything, Obama or Die; Change vs 4 more years of the same thing...what do you want?

It's ya girl Samore aka DJ Mo Urban keepin it so urban, ya digg

Monday, September 15, 2008

Last Week: Urban Ent Radio and Tyler Perry's The Family That Preys

If you got a chance to tune in to both shows last week, Thursday at 2pm on or Friday at 5pm est on . I told you we doing big, But anyway it was all about Tyler Perry's The Family that Preys...I hope everyone went to see it this weekend because I mean it really is Tyler Perry's best film ever better than Why Did I Get Married, Daddy's Little Girls, and Meet the Browns, when I say Sanna Lathan, Taraji Henson, Alfre Woodard, and Kathy Bates did their thing. Like the movie of course has so many messages and It's like two story lines that comes together at the's sad but of course the good people always come on top...Make sure you check it out...OH did I forget Tyler Perry did his thing rockin' a afro yo, He and Taraji was husband and wife. Remember in Love and Basketball, when Monica mama (Woodard) slaps Monica for talking back (Sanaa's Character) well lets just say something like that happens but her mama don't slap her. But it's a very good movie...Acadamy Award winning but you know they would never give an Oscar to an Urban Film, but just maybe because there was it's equal share white people so just might be.....But it's worth seeing...You know your girl went to see it in order to cosign it. If you went to see it, then let me know what you thought in the comments...Haven't seen it yet then what the hell are you waiting for....

But this weeks opening numbers is what counts...and it went up against the new Brad Pitt movie Burn After Reading (dumb)...That Movie came in at No. 1 only 1.4 million more than A family that preys so okay, The Family That Preys came in at No. 2 with 18 million so those who didn't see it this weekend go see it next weekend and make it your black films, positive black films....make it No. 1. If you didn't see it this weekend make sure you see it this weekend coming up or even if you already seen it, see it again. I mean it's worth watching again, wouldn't you say....I'm going again. I think Tyler Perry might get recognize with this's a real classic.

Moving on, another movie you should also see is The Women with Jada Pinkett in it, it's a comedy. I didn't see it because I seen the highly anticipated The Family That Preys but I'm going to see it...It came in at No.4 with 10.4 million.

Here's the complete Opening Weekend at the box office this weekend:
1. "Burn After Reading," $19.4 million.
2. "Tyler Perry's The Family that Preys," $18.0 million.
3. "Righteous Kill," $16.5 million.
4. "The Women," $10.1 million.
5. "The House Bunny," $4.3 million.
6. "
Tropic Thunder," $4.2 million.
7. "The Dark Knight," $4.0 million.
8. "Bangkok Dangerous," $2.4 million.
9. "Traitor," $2.1 million.
10. "Death Race," $2.0 million

In Urban Entertainment News, While Jennifer Hudson album comes out September 30th along with TI's Paper Trails....and rumors of her and I Love New York 2's Punk aka David were dating...while now it's a little serious than that Jennifer and David are reportly got engaged...more on this later as this develops...Usher and Temeka comfirm that yes they are having another little one with Usher V aka Cinco only just 10 months...I guess they didn't waste too much time getting busy after the what 3 or 4 month orders from the doctors....Star Jones is officially with her new man and her old man is upset that he comes out with nothing from their divorce that is final all because of a prenup...Kanye west might have another album coming out Dec 16, 808 and Heartbreak, but he went to jail for attacking the papparazzi but I still don't get that...we'll talk more on this on the show...Also discuss TI other baby mama of his two kids suing him for not paying his child support....yes and you know how we feel about that this and more coming up on the show this week. Make sure you tune in Thursday on Owl Radio at 2pm and Friday on Reewine College Radio at 5pm est .

Serena Williams wins big....

She's so happy she posses with her trophy on the hood of a police car....I would say she is better than her sister

Cute Couple?

They were suppose to be dating...word out is that just got engaged...I guess Punk is over New York or did it take that much to move on...

Want M.J. Drawls?

They are going on sale on ebay for 1 million dollars. His unwashed drawls size 28 Calvin Klein white breifts from the child molestaion case, which would be in the same evidence bag and wrapped with police tape and also a handwriten note explaining why he wants an annulment from Lisa Marie Presley and a used half ounce of skin bleaching comment

Another New Couple:

Eve and her new man

Neyo: Year of the Gentleman in stores now

Check out his blog site

Beyonce in her new video

As you can see she does not look pregnant, the song is call If I were a boy...didn't Ciara already take it there but then again she still looks like a female when C did it she played both parts very well...but hey this is suppose to be Bey last album (but then again she could be just talking like her husband...Blueprint 3 in the works)

Namoi Campbell has a baby....

Thank god it took after his daddy who ever that maybe....hope we don't hear Namoi involved any child abuse incidents but then again she'll just get mad at the assistant or nanny taking care of the baby.....comments anyway???

Jordin Sparks stands up for people decision to wear promise rings at the VMA's....

Before introducing TI at the VMA's she made it notice to address the jokes by Russell Brand's numerious jokes about the Jonas Brothers and their rings that symbolize virginity until marriage...she say i just have one thing to say it's not bad to wear a promise ring because not everyvody guy or guy wants to be a thing is this promise ring was this the same type of ring little Tiffany Evans I'm Grown now was singing about?

Kanye is smiling now....

but he wasn't playing when he grabbed the camera from the paparazzi guy that got him arrested

TI and his boyz....

The two boyz on the end mama's is taking the Kang of the south to court for child support....more as this story develops

Wyclef helping the people out there in Hati out....

With all that has happen with the hurricans he started the Haiti Storm Relief Fund to provide food, water, purification tablets, tents, blankets, medical supplies, and hygiene kits as well as funds to a number of non profit organization working on the gropud to respond to the emergency over there...donations can be made online at .

Urban TV/Reality

Making the Band and Gs to Gents Tuesdays on MTV at 9pm and 10pm respectively est.

I wanna work for Diddy on VH1 at 9pm Mondays

New York Goes To Hollywood Mondays at 10pm est: this monday we saw pieces of the break up between New York (Tiffany) and Tailor made (so yes it's officially over) I think she got a thang for her acting partner VOS shoot I wouldn't blame her because he's quite a tasty...tune in next week for the Season Finale if she would do the movie role or take I love New York 3 (dear god, please let her take the movie role...unless they cast some sexy guys to look at on I love NY3...but we really don't need it we know it's all for entertainment though)

Luke's Parental Advisory on VH1 at 10pm Mondays est: this monday Luke's baby boy visits from NY and he's cute....he spend time with lil man the mama wants to be with Luke but he just wanna bond with his son...tune in next week for the Season Finale the wedding between Luke and his wife...the wedding to the reception....

MTV TOP Pop Group Thursdays at 10pm est...gotta support the dudes S1 on there this week gotta vote to keep your boys on the top all the way...tune in and watch your boyz shut it down.

Be sure to get registered to vote if you aren't already Nov 4th we gotta come out in big show them we don't want another 4 years like these past 8 years....Not registered then go to to get registered to vote real easy done in less then 10 mins....most places deadlines to regsiter is early october so GET REGISTERED....NOV 4TH VOTE OBAMA....OBAMA OR DIE

Strong words but it is what it is...until the next time be good and keep it so urban ya digg

Ya Girl Samore aka DJ MO Urban keeping it so urban

Saturday, September 6, 2008

Sept 4th: Urban Entertainment with Slip N Slide Records: Camar

This past week your boy Camar did his thing. He was live in the booth with your girl Samore. I apologize to all my peoples who tried to call in and couldn't get through because were having an issue with the phones. I was like dang the phone lines is real quiet, and turns out there was a problem. We didn't find out until when Slip N Slide Records new artist R&B female singer, Shonie, was trying to get through. Hopefully, we are trying to see if we can get her to call back next Thursday when the phone situation is straighten out. So tune in next week for that and you never know who else just might be on the show, ya digg.

In case you missed it or wanna check it out again. Here's the exclusive interview with boy Camar:

Exclusive question that he didn't answer on air: What top 5 artist that you think are hot, that you are feeling in the game right now?

Camar answer:

Keyshia Cole with emphasis, Indian Girl from London with Kanye West, Ryan Leslie, Wezzy of Course, and of Course Camar/Bob Marley

Wanna check out his flava some more, check him out online:

Also make sure you tune in on the Reewine College Radio, Urban Entertainment on Fridays from 5 to 8pm est, . Thursdays remain the same of FAU Owlradio, . More opportunities to get your urbaness on (you know we make up words like that).

This week in Urban Entertainment, politics real quick...At the Republican National Convention how does this chick diss us Democrats like that serious do she know who she is playing with... I mean McCain think he going to win just because he picked a woman for his he isn't we can't have another 4years like the past 8, I mean we really have to stand up for this change and we are...getting registered people they haven't even registered before getting ready for nov 4th...I mean we got yungun's who wanna vote and not old enought vote for what make you think he's gonna win...

Here's my boy diddy because McCain is really out his mind....Check it out:

My words exactly...

Obama or Die....8 more weeks please don't wait til the last minute because you won't be able to vote. REGISTER NOW

Now back to Urban Entertainment, we learned Pepa is talking about Pep in her lastest book trying to get her authoring on, She discussing her marriage to Naughty By Nature's Treach who she had her first son with, an abusive decade romance with a guy she renames "Brad", and how she checked Play from Kid n Play back in the day....Hot it worth buying? uh, worth reading in the book store lol you know your girl is not right Pep just trying to do your thing collect some checks I ain't made at her...MOVING ALONG, TI moves from number 71 to 1 on the billboard singles charts with his latest single Whatever you Like, I love that record it's my ringtone as we speak (or type)...Speaking of music, real grown and sexy right now a group trying to make a comeback is NKOB (the new kids on the block) with there record Single feat Ne Yo produced by Polow the Don. Their record is out now in stores now...Usher and Temeka expecting another baby....they just had 6 or 7 month Usher V now suppose to have another in the oven...more on this and more next week...tune in Thursday at 2pm est, 11am pst on FAU Owl Radio,

and register to vote...Obama or Die...

1st Pictures of Baby Nahla and mama Halle Berry

Pretty little girl, so precious. That's Nahla Ariel Aubry.

Here's the Jackson Brothers

Jermaine, Tito, Jackie, and Micheal

Here's Micheal...

Micheal Jackson turns 50 but looks totally different from his brothers...and his sisters well okay more like LaToya

Dr. Dre serves as one of the Pallbaers at his son funeral...

The cause of death is still unknown and sources says Dre is taking it hard.

Bobby Brown finally admits to dating his manager in recent Sister to Sister magazine...

Yelp they are an item he he says this is a relationship that will work and lead to another marriage that WILL work comment

New cover with Beyonce....

She's back alright but on this cover she looks black so Loreal was it the light that made her look her real self in this photo....

Star Jones and her new man

Seem like their happy in love you think..hope she learned from her last relationship

The next President and VP: Barack Obama and Joe Biden

The Haters:

I'm like Diddy: Alaska?

Nov 4th:

8 more weeks don't wait til the last minute...Register to vote Nov 4th vote

Is it true: Usher and Wife Temeka expecting....

Again? well they did say they were ready for another lil' Raymond running around the house

Urban Books:

Urban Music:

T Plezya's One Man Band : Coming Soon

Check out the official single Desire avaliable now:

New Kids on The Block new video feat Ne Yo: Single

they may not be the new new kids on the block but that song is so grown and sexy

Whitney Houston New Record feat Akon: Like I Never Left

Oh I forget to mention, we all know Slip N Slide Djs are doing it real major right....taking over the SEA's make sure you vote for Slip N Slide DJs DJ/Family Crew of The Year...also the other slip n slide djs nominated in the other categories for full list of Slip N Slide DJs nominated for categories check out here:

Vote online now:

That's about it for now...until next time bee good and keep it so urban, ya digg

Ya Girl Samore aka DJ Mo Urban...keep it so urban ya dig

Obama or Die ....don't play; REGISTER AND VOTE CHANGE NOV. 4th